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As teachers, our first goal is to help each student develop into a functional musician.
We believe that every aspect of music fundamentals, including music theory, needs to be developed in order for the student to reach their full potential as a musician.
We want our students to be well rounded and trained in sight-reading, technique, theory, transposing, improvising and performing. We desire to help our students aim for the highest goals in music imaginable. We want them to be able to explain the terms and symbols used in music theory, to be able to accompany and to have the skills required to collaborate with other musicians.


Although curriculum and depth of musical understanding is important, our primary goal is to help foster a love of music in our students. We want to stimulate interest and create curiosity that encourages students to want to learn.


We strive to make our lessons interesting, fun and individually tailored to the student. 

We are happy to share with our students the pure joy that music has brought to our lives so they can in turn share that joy with others. It is unrealistic to expect that lessons will always be exciting as there can be moments of discouragement when developing a skill, but it is our goal that students walk out of each lesson more encouraged than when they arrived, and with a smile on their face knowing that they have the skills to conquer the next step. 

                                          Hannah Warner, Studio Owner and Director 

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