Shantelle Ruppel~

Voice, Piano & Flute 

Shantelle joined our team back in 2015, and earned her Masters Degree in Music Education, with Piano as her primary instrument. Shantelle is well versed in several other instruments, and has taught since 2011 both in and out of her music studies.

Shantelle received her degrees from Commonwealth Baptist College, and is happy to join our studio full time. She is our "go-to" substitute teacher, as her students fully enjoy her teaching, and she is able to connect with so many students so well. She also has her own schedule of private students here at Temecula Music Teacher.

She enjoys reading, and writing, outside of her music, and is a self-published author as well! Shantelle is an excellent teacher, who focuses on proper music theory and technique, while teaching foundational practice skills to her students.





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