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Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to teach your child music appreciation and education. At Temecula’s only Music Education Center, we consider it a privilege to be involved in this aspect of your child’s life. In order to ensure the best musical progress of your child, as well as the utmost respect for all parties involved, these are our studio policies and guidelines.



All tuition is due monthly, on the first of each month, for the entire month of lessons. After the 10th of the month, there will be a $25 late fee added to your account if left unpaid. We encourage you to have a credit card on file with us to avoid late payment penalties.


Tuition is the same each month, regardless of if there are 3 or 5 lessons taught in that month. Our monthly tuition includes 43 lessons/year, plus 2 recital fees, averaged into an equal 12 month tuition.


Our tuition does raise regularly, although once you have signed up for your lessons at $xxx, your tuition will not raise as long as you are in continuous lessons. If you quit at any time, and come back, you will be coming back in at our current tuition rate.


We do not credit lessons for any reason outside of our studio not able to fulfill a commitment.


You will receive an invoice each month on the 1st, with the option of having auto-pay set up, or the option of paying online with a different card each month. We also take Venmo, Apple Cash, Bank Bill Pay, Cash, or Checks in the office. We are also a vendor for over 20 charter schools.



Group class tuition prices are dependent on the class offered and the location. Full tuition payment is required prior to the start date of the session in order to be enrolled in the class. Due to these being group classes, with specifically scheduled days/times, there will be no makeups or refunds if you are unable to attend. 



Tuition is the same for charter school students, with the same standards. Your Purchase Orders are the same as a “Payment” and are due on the 1st of month.

We understand that Charters can be slower at times to process requests, so we ask that if your payment isn’t fully processed, just send over the screenshot that your funds have been submitted for music lessons, and let us know via email that it is in process.



We do not require any length of commitment, although we do require a 30 day cancellation notice for all students via email to 30 day cancellation means 30 days before the 1st of the next month’s billing cycle. For example: If you cancel by giving us notice via email on Dec 15th, your last scheduled lesson will be the last week in January, as it was only 15 days notice before the January 1st billing cycle.


Students often ask to “take December off and come back in January” or “take the summer off and come back in the fall”. This, of course is just fine with us, although we do completely discontinue you as a student during that time. We still need a 30 day cancellation via email, and can sign you up for a new time that is open 1 month prior to your start date. You will also come back in at our current tuition if our tuition prices have raised during that time.



Please do not enter the studio if you, your student, or anyone with you has any signs of illness. This includes fever within 24 hours, coughing, or any flu like symptoms. Teachers/Staff reserve the right to ask ill students to leave if they feel there is a potential for germs to spread. Students can request a virtual lesson via Skype at any time prior to their lesson time by canceling their in-person lesson on the student portal and notating SKYPE in the notes. If your student is too ill to attend a virtual lesson, you can also cancel and request a pre-recorded video to be sent.



Cancellation of an individual lesson is to be done via the student portal. If a student cancels with less than a week's notice, they are entitled to receive a pre-recorded lesson video with notes OR attend that lesson via Skype. The student is responsible to notate on their portal if they would like to receive a pre-recorded video or Skype. Videos are recorded collaboratively by all of our teachers, and the teacher will send an appropriate video (if applicable and educationally appropriate for the situation), but may not be the teacher featured in that particular video. If a video lesson is not appropriate, such as situations of repeated missed lessons, students not having access to devices, or broken instruments, a teacher will send comprehensive lesson notes or messages that will be appropriate for missing your lesson.  HERE is a link on How to navigate a reschedule in your student portal.


If you do not show up for a lesson, our teacher will send you a pre-recorded video of a lesson to practice for that week. No-shows are charged the same as a lesson.



Rescheduling an individual lesson requires 1 week notice for any reason. Parents are responsible for choosing their rescheduled lesson time choice on their student portal. Students do so by logging into their portal, canceling the lesson they cannot attend, and notating RESCHEDULE in the message section. This will issue the student 1 makeup credit to reschedule their lesson within 3 weeks. If the student does not schedule their makeup lesson within that time, they will lose their makeup credit, and no video is owed in its place. A student can choose any listed makeup lesson slots they see in the calendar that are taught by their teacher, or can also choose any of our Saturday options taught by a variety of teachers. 

HERE is a link on How to navigate a reschedule in your student portal.


We do understand that things come up last minute inside the 1 week rescheduling notice policy. Unfortunately, all 600+ private students also have things last minute that come up that are not possible for us to accommodate for all. This is why it is imperative that we have our week’s notice policy for re-scheduling, and allow both virtual and video lessons to be offered for when illness and last minute things happen at shorter notice.



We do work collaboratively as a TEAM of teachers. Many of our teachers are gigging professional musicians who are sometimes out of town for a week or two at a time. When this is the case, we do provide a substitute music teacher who has been fully briefed with your student’s educational plan, in order to keep them improving on their same track.



We have performance opportunities and recitals approximately every other month, listed on our calendar. Students have an opportunity to perform 1-2 pieces, memorized, in the genre of their choice. Students dress nicely, in performance attire, and friends and family are welcome to attend. 


HERE is a link explaining how to sign up for a student recital.



You are welcome to drop off your students for lessons, although please be sure to be on time to pick them up. We are not liable for a student who walks out the door of our studio unattended, even on our property. 



Regularity of practice and good concentration during practice times are essential elements to good progress. Please set a definite period for practice and see that your child has privacy while practicing. We encourage the student to practice at least 5 days per week and to complete assignments written in their notebooks before arriving for the lesson.



You are welcome to enter our studio rooms at any time during a lesson. It is beneficial for parents to attend lessons once in a while as you are able to observe progress firsthand. Additionally, you personally learn about music, you understand exactly what we are teaching and requiring of your child, and you will be better informed in order to encourage proper practicing at home. Regularly, we would like your children to be one on one with their teacher, whenever possible. 



For the protection of all of our students, teachers and staff, we have installed cameras that cover every inch of our property. You can watch your student in their lessons via video monitor from our waiting room area! Video recordings of each lesson are kept to ensure we are 100% safe and secure at all times.



Please address any/all issues with the owner and director, Ms. Hannah Warner, ASAP. Our goal is to provide a wonderful musical experience for each student attending and we will be sure to make that happen and fix any mistakes that we have made. Please be patient, as we do care about our students and want to build your trust, confidence, and satisfaction with our studio in all cases.  Her email is



Please respect both inside and outside of our studio. We have expensive equipment and pianos inside the doors of the studio that must always be handled properly and with instruction only. No students are allowed on our stage, or inside practice rooms without a teacher present. Outside of our doors, we do have neighboring businesses that we want to show full respect to.


Our studio is located among privately owned buildings. Our parking lot consists of the spaces touching our building, as well as ONE row of spaces on the back side of our building. These are designated by signage. If our parking spaces are full, please use street parking, as all other parking beyond our building is private to our neighboring businesses.


Please ensure that your child is on time for their lesson and picked up promptly after. Check to be sure they have the proper materials, including music books and assignment binder. Please also ensure that your child’s hands are clean before their lesson. We schedule lessons back to back, which means we ask our teachers to take the last 2-3 minutes of a lesson to speak with the parents in order to keep them current on what we are working on. As teachers, we may run ahead or behind schedule by a few minutes. Please expect closer to 25 minutes of “music study” as it takes 1-2 minutes to get settled, as well as 1-2 minutes to wrap up a lesson.



Please be in open communication with us as your child attends lessons each week. We appreciate and value your concerns. Open communication is essential for us to be able to provide your child with the best possible music education. 


We trust that the above information will be helpful to you and that you understand the importance of our policies. Please keep in close contact with us so we are able to provide the best possible music education for your child. 

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