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Music Education Center in Temecula, offering Private and Group music instruction in all instruments. "Best of Temecula 2019" award. We teach piano, voice, guitar, bass, drums, violin, viola, cello, flute, harp, banjo, accordian, trumpet, choirs, preschool music, theory, and composition. Virtual Online lessons are available over Skype, Facetime and Zoom!

Daniel Ward~ 

Acoustic/Classical Guitar

Electric Guitar, Bass


Daniel began his journey through music at the ripe age of 4 strumming along with his grandfather and a Uke in his little hands. These skills would lie dormant until around 12 when his uncle played Iron Man on guitar. From that point on he has never put down the guitar.


He studied the great heavy metal compositions of Metallica and Megadeth, which gave him speed and precision. He then shifted to the Christian standards of the day which gave him feeling and expression. He then moved to finger style guitar giving him harmonic mastery of the instrument. 

Daniel went to Shasta College and studied under Richard Fiske who has roots in classical music that span from 2 centuries of direct knowledge passed down to him from his teachers to me. From there he went to play in the Temecula Wineries gigging around with a singer who would eventually become his wife and mother to 3 boys. 

Daniel has a teaching style that is simple, effective and memorable. Daniel can pass down his knowledge of Electric guitar, steel string acoustic guitar, classical-nylon guitar, bass and uke to your child. He can teach the metalhead who wants to bang their head. He can teach the serious classical guitarist who wants to get into music school. He can teach the worshiper who is playing for the Lord. He can teach someone who is just looking to learn to play to have a good time.


Daniel makes it about the student and their goals while having musicianship, theory and the history of music as pillars to their lessons and development. He is seeking to give his gift of music to his students which they will be able to pass down to others. 

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