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Jeff Landrum~ 

Drums, Bass Guitar
Percussion, Rock Bands
Piano Lessons Temecula. Guitar Lessons Temecula. Drum Lessons Temecula. Voice lessons Temecula. Music Camps Temecula. Violin

Jeff is a drummer and bassist who has been a musician for most of his life. He has played drums since he was in 6th grade, and was honored to march in the Rose Parade with the award winning Pasadena City College for 2 years.

Jeff has also been a gigging musician in different studios and clubs for more than 20 years.

Jeff enjoys teaching all ages as music is such an important part of life, as well as a crucial part of brain development. He believes that reading music is just as important as playing the instrument. Developing great technique enhances the ability to be a well-rounded player.

He believes that ANYONE can learn to be a musician with practice and dedication.

Jeff lives in Temecula with his wife and children, and has been a math teacher in middle school for many years. Jeff has multiple degrees in Business Admin, Music, Operations Management, Curriculum and Instruction, and Adv. Geometry.

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