OPEN MIC/Karaoke NIGHTS: are available for students and outside guests to practice their performance, and will be on the calendar to sign up on a first come first served basis. Check the calendar above, as they will be updated on the first Saturday of each month. When you arrive to open mic, put in your name and you will be put on the list to perform. This is open to all musicians, not just singers. These are casual nights, that do not require a sign up. Just show up and enjoy the show.

STUDENT RECITALS: REQUIRE REGISTRATION. Before you register for a student recital, please be sure you have communicated with your teacher that there is an appropriate goal set for your student with a proper date. If a student isn't prepared to perform 2 weeks before the reserved time, their teacher may pull them from that recital and advise a later date. Preparation for a recital means FULLY MEMORIZED and COMPLETED pieces. Students dress up, and present their pieces in a formal setting.

How to register for a recital, or other event on above calendar: PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS FIRST

  1. Login to your student portal from the "student portal" login tab on this website. ***If you do not have your My Music Staff login info, please email and we will re-send your login.

  2. Click on the "Calendar" from your menu.

  3. Navigate to the recital date you are looking to register for.

  4. Choose your preferred time. If recitals do not completely fill up, we may slightly adjust your time. You will receive all necessary information via email two weeks prior to your recital date with any updated time information.

**Important: if you cannot make it to the recital you register for, please be sure to cancel your reservation so other students can sign up and attend.


July 29, 2022 Rock Band Showcase 7:00pm

July 30, 2022 Summer Group Performances 7:00pm

August 5, 2022 TEACHER SHOWCASE CONCERT 7:00pm

Oct 21, 2022 Rock Bands Fall Showcase Concert

Oct 22, 2022 All Student Recital (times on your student portal)

Dec 10, 2022 All Student Recital (times on your student portal) Fall Group Lessons/Choir Concert: 6:30pm

Feb 25, 2023 All Student Recital (times on your student portal)

April 29, 2023 All Student Recital (times on your student portal)

June 24, 2023 All Student Recital (times on your student portal)

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