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CHARTER SCHOOL FUNDING: Often, Charter Schools are unpredictable as to how long it takes to process purchase orders. To attend your first lesson, or to continue regular lessons, we require proof of purchase order submission via email by the 1st of each month. “Proof” is different for all of our charter schools and is acceptable in many forms.

  1. Screenshot of ordered lessons

  2. CC us on email communication with your ES that your funds have been ordered

  3. Receipt that includes our name

  4. Anything that shows that you indeed have funds that are in process


If we do not receive proof of submission by the first of the month, we cannot have you attend classes until we do. Once receive proof of submission, we do understand that some charters may take days, weeks, and sometimes a month or more, and we are very patient with the schools.


If you do not see your Charter School listed here, ASK US AND WE WILL BECOME A VENDOR FOR YOU!!!

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