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Anthony Reyes~



Anthony was surrounded by music from his family as his father loves music and plays bass guitar and his younger brother plays piano. He played in his childhood home until he moved to southern California, when he started taking drumming more seriously. He studied drumming through TMT for many years until he ventured off to study different styles of drumming such as soca, bossa nova, and salsa at other studios. He enjoys playing and teaching many different genres of music like Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Funk, Blues, Reggae and all in between. He has expertise at teaching not only how to play music but how to read, write, and understand music theory. In a fun, entertaining classroom, your child can learn the language of music and the bounty it has to offer. He hopes that he can bring out the inner drummer in all his students just as his instructor did, and help the student see the joy and freedom of music.

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