Zaul Lizalde~ 

Ukulele, Guitar, Piano, Trumpet, Garageband, Ableton, & Drums


Zaul is a graduate of The Icon Collective in Burbank, with a certificate in Digital Music Production. He’s been a Musician for 12 years and been a freelance Guitar and Ableton teacher for the past 3, teaching children, all the way to young adults. He started initially as a guitar player at the age of 12, and as his passion and curiosity for music grew he went on to learn bass, piano, drums, ukulele, synthesis, music production, recording, and mixing. 


His musical taste ranges anywhere from jazz, soul, indie, funk, electronic, classic rock, hip-hop, and rap and it is reflected in his music. He just recently finished up his debut EP “Blossom”.

Zaul’s teaching style is catered towards each student in that he allows them to learn the music they find interest in, in order to keep it engaging for the student. All the while teaching them the structure of what they’re learning at a digestible pace so they can extract the techniques and use it towards their own compositions in a creative and unique way. He’s very patient and supportive with his students and also believes in empowering them to learn how to teach themselves by teaching them how to read music, play by ear, and analyze it critically. 


When he’s not in the studio or hanging out with friends you’re likely to catch him researching and refining his photography. His interests and specializations are in photo editing, as well as portrait, and fashion photography.





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