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If you would like to participate in a recital, please sign up!

How to sign up for a Student Recital

  1. Log in to your student portal from our website at There is a tab at the top that says STUDENT PORTAL. If you need your login info re-sent, please email the office at and someone will re-send it.

  2. Click on the CALENDAR from the top left menu (on a mobile device) or on the left side of the screen (on a computer).

  3. Navigate to the RECITAL DATE you would like to sign up for.

  4. Find the RECITAL TIME you would like to attend, as there are

    several in one day.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the student list and click REGISTER (on a computer) or the Green Person+ (on a mobile device).

  6. CONFIRM your registration.

Once you are on the list (which you will see) you are officially registered. Please stay in good communication with your teacher to be sure the student is making appropriate progress to be performance ready. If a teacher is not certain that a student will have a good performance with a positive experience, your teacher may suggest waiting 2 months until the next recital. Our utmost priority is that a student is not put in a situation where their time on stage is anything other than positive.

The week of your scheduled recital, you will receive an email reminder confirming your date and time.

Students should arrive 15 min early to perform. They will be introduced by an Emcee. Due to the frequency of TMT performance opportunities, not all teachers are in attendance at all recitals, so check with your teacher ahead of time if you are curious if they will be in attendance.

Please have your students dressed nicely, and bring anything needed for your performance. The Piano, Drums, Guitar amps, and Microphones are already here, but please bring your own guitar/drumsticks, or anything that is personally owned and needed including music to look at before you go up on stage.

**Important: if you cannot make it to the recital you register for, please be sure to cancel your reservation so other students can sign up and attend.

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