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Music Education Center in Temecula, offering Private and Group music instruction in all instruments. "Best of Temecula 2019" award. We teach piano, voice, guitar, bass, drums, violin, viola, cello, flute, harp, banjo, accordian, trumpet, choirs, preschool music, theory, and composition. Virtual Online lessons are available over Skype, Facetime and Zoom!

Adrian Ceja~

Guitar, Ukulele and Drums

Adrian Ceja has been studying guitar and drums for many years, and now teaching for a few years at our studio.


He always dreamed of playing the guitar as a young child and at the age of 10,  finally asked to join the guitar class at his middle school. Sadly, it turned out the class was full and the director placed him in percussion instead. From that day forward he loved all things percussion and got his first drum set a year later. Yet, in the back of his head was his long lost dream of playing the guitar. At 13, he found an old acoustic in his parent's closet and decided to look up "How to play 'Sweet Child O Mine' on Guitar" on YouTube. From that moment he was hooked on both the guitar and drums and began studying. He grew up spending nearly every weekend locked up in his music room practicing and playing away on the guitar and drums.  He participated in band as a technique-driven percussionist, throughout public high school. In college, he began studying music classes and expanded his knowledge of general music theory as well as fret board theory.


His approach to teaching both guitar and drums is based on each students' unique appreciation of music and by assigning songs that his students love.  He thrives in teaching absolute beginners (who had never touched a guitar before) how to play their favorite songs in a matter of a few months! His lessons are built to make learning fun and engaging, while teaching important musical concepts, excellent technique and theory. 


Adrian is very patient with young children and a "cool" teacher/mentor for teenagers or adults looking to unlock the wonders of the guitar and percussion. He is inspirational, fun, and easy to talk to, while challenging his students to be the best they can be.


Currently, Adrian is the guitarist and vocalist in an original and successful indie rock band called The Extrangers. They are gigging throughout the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, and becoming a regular part of the local music scene.

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